You’re Welcome! We are a Cleaning Service Provider.

We propose to help you achieve costs savings on medical bills through hygienic and healthy living brought about by high environmental sanitation levels.

Our proposition is to help deliver disease-preventing and cost-saving cleaning in-door and out-door services to residences, housing estates/gated communities, businesses and institutions.

Our Services Suites are:

1.                   Estates/Gated Communities: Weeding, Fumigation, De-Littering, Gardening/Horticulture

 2.                  Post-Renovation Clean-Up:   Tile Cleaning & Polishing, Paint Stain Removal, Kitchen Top & Cabinet                          Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Wardrobe Cleaning

3.                  In-Door Cleaning:     Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Toilets, Living Rooms

4.                  Out-Door Cleaning:  Walls, Windows, Drains, Surroundings

5.                  Vehicle Cleaning:      Upholstery Shampooing, Wind-Shield Cleaning, Tyre Washing, Car Polishing

Contact us today, and lets help you create a cleaner environment and healthier living:


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